Passion for computer science, creativity and result-oriented work is what I stand for.

Computing fascinates me. When I was quite young I showed already great interest in programming and took my first steps with Pascal and C/C++. So it was no surprise that I started to study applied computing after finishing school. Besides the theoretical knowledge I gathered during my studies, I was able to gain experiences in different industry projects; first, I worked in a startup and later in the scientific field. I was able to get a broad methodological and practical knowledge, which I want to deepen in industry now.

I hold a MSc. in Applied Computer Science – Software Systems Engineering from the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany. During my first years at university I was employed by the IT company Four2b as a working student. Afterwards, I worked in Prof. Dr. Albrecht Schmidt’s team where I was first employed as a student assistant and, later, as a part-time research assistant until I finished my Masters.
During my studies I was abroad twice. I wrote my bachelor thesis in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Hans Gellersen in Lancaster, UK, and had an internship at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK.
After finishing my Masters I joined Prof. Dr. Klaus Pohl’s group to get insights into the research field of the Future Internet and Future Logistics.
Afterwards I looked for new challenges in industry and started to work as a consultant for OPITZ CONSULTING GmbH.

During the last months I was able to gather a lot of experience in SOA, software development and project management. Besides automatizing human-centric processes with BPM and Java I lead the competence center IoT for Opitz Consulting.

So far, I met a variety of people and dealt with many different technologies and methodologies. I had a broad insight into the landscape of computing. My main interests relates interactive and networked systems. I am fascinated about the possibilities computing offers today. Especially, the communication among devices and applications as well as products and services you can develop today captivate me.

Mobile devices and mobile data collection, the Internet of Things (IoT), Service-Oriented Architectures and Event-Driven Architectures are terms I have currently a closer look at and where I hope to be able to gather new experience in the next years.

Besides computing I like doing every kind of sport, motorcycling, travelling, geocaching and hiking.

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