Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and Cyber Physical Systems

The IT trends mentioned in the title can be found in many forums, articles and blogs introducing future scenarios and informing about the next industrial revolution. But what is it all about?

More or less, it is all about situational awareness. With the help of the technologies which these IT trends promote, devices can be . . . → Read More: Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and Cyber Physical Systems

API Design and Usability

Spending a lot of time with literature for API design I finally came across a paper by Ko et al [1]. The authors mention 6 barriers which have to be overcome to start programming. Besides the effect on learning I think these six barriers are also important for the general design of new APIs. Reducing . . . → Read More: API Design and Usability

WP7 Development – Addition

The more I learn about WP7 programming the merrier I like the platform. It seems to be really great for rapid prototyping and programming is really fun. I definitely need a nice project to deal with this platform in more detail.

Android – Communication with external Devices

I was still looking for some alternatives and a convenient way to let mobile phones communicate with external hardware. Android based HTC phones allow a “faked” serial connection via a debugging port added to the USB cable. This could be interesting for a large variety of applications.

Usability Engineering

I just came across an “old” SIGCHI bulletin board which is concerned about the integration of HCI principles and Software Engineering methods. This lets me think about software engineering processes. The integration seems to be an old topic but it sounds very promising. The descriptions are reasonable. However, they seem still not to be applied . . . → Read More: Usability Engineering

WP7 Development

Today, I started to deal with windows phone 7 programming and I am extremely impressed again about the functionality Microsoft’s Visual Studio provide. The usage of XAML (an XML based language to specify UI layouts) lets build prototypes really fast and the combination of Visual Studio for programming and Expression Studio for designing is great. . . . → Read More: WP7 Development