Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and Cyber Physical Systems

The IT trends mentioned in the title can be found in many forums, articles and blogs introducing future scenarios and informing about the next industrial revolution. But what is it all about?

More or less, it is all about situational awareness. With the help of the technologies which these IT trends promote, devices can be enabled to sense their environment. Devices know what is happing around them, analyze gathered data or react to it. These reactions can simply be reports to servers or other devices. Additionally, they can control attached actuators.

Devices can communicate to the digital as well as the real world. This is why they are sometimes called an “anchor or portal between worlds”. As computer hardware is becoming cheaper and smaller it is just a matter of time when these devices are common and networked.

What are the benefits from all these IT trends?

On the one hand, business processes can be monitored, even, if they are mainly operational (e. g. in production and logistics). On the other hand, devices can be controlled remotely. They are even intelligent enough to make own decisions or to react to decisions from other devices.

This promises further automation which is much deeper than the automation we have today.

Please see also my article [1] for further detailed information.

[1] Dominik Bial: SOA im Zeitalter von Mobile Computing, Cloud und dem Internet der Dinge – Prozesse im Innovationsfluss. Business Technology, S&S Media Group, 4.2013, p. 61-65