Logistic and ICT

This week was my first week in a new research group at the Paluno – The Ruhr Institute for Software Technology. As I told before, I started to work in the Software Systems Engineering group of Prof. Dr. Klaus Pohl. There, I am involved in an industry project with many different partners who want to bring ICT in logistic operation centers to a new level. The aim is to research architectures and communication to simplify current approaches.
At the moment I am mainly spending time on literature to build up domain knowledge. I collect information about technology which could be interesting for the project as well as to find out about other researchers work.

The whole topic is very interesting. Communication among logistic partners is mainly taking place via telephone and ICT solutions are isolated. That means, there is hardly any cooperation regarding the ICT among partners. One reason for this is that this kind of information seems to be essential for success as well as ruin of businesses in logistics. Therefore, the work we are currently doing could have a high impact on current logistic approaches so that I hope to get a lot of results for my PhD.

I think, that augmenting current processes with new technologies, for example sensors, could be of high value for future scenarios. That is why I read related work especially of this research direction to generate ideas.
The books “Mobile Computing und RFID im Facility Management: Anwendungen, Nutzen und serviceorientierter Architekturvorschlag“ by Daniel Hanhart and „Ubiquitous Computing for Business: Find New Markets, Create Better Businesses, and Reach Customers Around the World 24-7-365” by Bo Begole show impressively how technologies can improve business processes and how they can help to reach new consumers as well as markets. Additionally, consumer satisfaction and consumer confidentiality can be drastically increased by providing new channels for communication with customers.

I am curious, about the direction the project is going to take and, I guess, that I will enjoy the time working on this project.