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  • Building IoT 2018

    It is Building IoT time:-) This year the conference took place in Cologne again. As always, great talks and discussions. Our booth was a cooperation between Dienes and OC. We showed an IoT usecase which demonstrated monitoring and controlling of machines in production.

    My personal highlights of the conference were... (read more)

  • IoT Integration Scenarios with Azure

    Currently, I am taking responsibility for a IoT integration scenario, which is about extracting IoT data from different IoT Cloud platforms and loading this data into other business services. I have not dealt with Microsoft Cloud Technology for a long time. However, I am deeply impressed about the tools and... (read more)

  • Integration as the foundation for Digitization

    All the different IT trends and technology hypes out there have one thing in common - that is data. It does not matter if you talk about IoT, IIoT, Mobile Computing, Big Data or Web Development. Basically, all of these topics store, at some point, data about customers, interactions and... (read more)

  • First inhouse Conference @ OPITZ Consulting

    2017 OPITZ Consulting organized its first inhouse conference for all OC colleagues and interested students. The conference took place in cooperation with the university “TH Cologne” in the TH’s facilities, location Gummersbach. All OC colleagues were asked to submit proposals so that a jury could select the most relevant topics... (read more)

  • BuildingIoT2017 – Impressions and Learnings from this year’s Conference

    Starting from the Star Wars Day (04/05/2017, probably a good sign;-) to the 05/05/2017 the BuildingIoT 2017 took place in Heidelberg. Otto Fitz and Dominik Bial went there to represent OC at our booth (we were gold sponsors) and with the talk IoT als zentraler Treiber der Digitalisierung(IoT... (read more)

  • Quicktipp: Working with more than one package name in a JAXB Context Config in Mule ESB

    If you want to structure your code with packages for different JAXB annotated classes, for example after generating JAXB from different WSDLs, do not try to define severall jaxb context elements in Mule ESB, as this is going to fail at runtime. The following code below will fail when used... (read more)

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