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  • Exporting Song Titles from Google Play Music

    I just had another moment that made me happy to be a software engineer. I was looking for a way to export artists and songs from a playlist contained in google play music. A short search on the web brought me to the solution. Running a short piece of javascript... (read more)

  • Mule ESB – The anatome of a flow

    (republished on Cattle Crew Blog) Mulesoft’s Anypoint Platform is an integration platform which is especially interesting for Java developers. It is based on the Spring framework and leverages Java technologies like CXF or JAXB which are well known Java software frameworks. Therefore, Java developers are able to get along... (read more)

  • Mobile Payment as a Chance for new Business Models

    Digitalization is and has been a very hot topic for the last years. Current IT trends like Internet of Things, Mobile and Cloud drive innovation and, therefore, push new business models as well as IT support for business processes. Today, a technical foundation exists that supports businesses in a way... (read more)

  • Understand the Past to Predict the Future

    Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Business Intelligence (BI) are very hot topics at the moment everybody is talking about. All of these trends are interesting for themselves as they promise deeper insides into a business and therefore lead to better business decisions.

    Internet of Things enables businesses to... (read more)

  • 3 Articles in the upcoming Business Technology Magazine

    At the moment digitalization and IoT are taking off and belong to the hottest trends in information technology. Because of the experience OC has in Business Intelligence, Integration and Software Development we were able to publish 3 articles in the upcoming Business Technology, which is completely issued for the Internet... (read more)

  • just went live

    We have just gone live with our IoT focused website:

    The purpose of the website is to collect articles, talks and other information with a strong IoT background and to give interested persons a focused overview over the topics.

    Enjoy reading:-)

    (read more)

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