During my time in industry as well as in university I was involved in several projects which dealt with software development. With the help of these projects I was able to improve my methodic, social and technical skills continuously. Some of the projects took place abroad and typically different individuals were involved.

From technological side I was able to gather experience in different areas:

  • Software Architecture (UML, TAM, BPMN, SOA)
  • Requirements Engineering
  • User Centered Design and Usability
  • Internet of Things and the Future Internet
  • Java EE/SE/ME
  • Android Development
  • Windows Phone Development
  • Event Driven Architectures and Busniness Activity Monitoring
  • Dashboards and Cockpits, Large Displays
  • Context-Sensitive Applications
  • Arduino and .NET Gadgeteer
  • Microsoft WCF, WPF, ASP
  • Web (CSS, Javascript, HTML, PHP, several CMS)

During the next years I hope to be able to deepen my knowledge in SOA, CEP/BAM and dashboards.

A selection of projects is listed below.