Digifieds – Finalist of the UbiChallenge 2011 in Oulu

The progress of Internet related technologies during the last years influenced many areas of our personal living. Shopping, comparing prices, communicating and informing about topics shifted from media like newspapers to the Internet. Additionally, paper based content in public areas, for example posters and flyers, are also replaced more and more by digital displays. This provides huge benefits for maintaining and updating information. However, paper based content is still the first choice for users if content shall be created and taken away while on the go. For example, on black boards, tear aways can be found which allow people to share contact information easily.

Digifieds is a digital representation of such black boards providing different technologies for users to create and to take information away. Different interaction techniques were developed to find out about the acceptance by users.

Digifieds was a finalist of the UbiChallenge 2011 in Oulu. There, the system was fully deployed which provides great means for observing users in a realistic scenario.

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Florian Alt, Dominik Bial, Thomas Kubitza, Alireza Sahami Shirazi, Markus Ortel, Björn Zurmaar, Firas Zaidan, Tim Lewen, Albrecht Schmidt: Digifieds: Evaluating Suitable Interaction Techniques for Shared Public Notice Areas. In Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Pervasive Computing. San Francisco, USA, 2011 (Poster)