Two-Handed Interaction

My BSc thesis and project was about two handed interaction on laptops with touchpad and mouse. This work resulted in my first publication. The idea behind the project was based on the observation that most users attach a mouse to their laptop. A mouse is still the preferred pointing device as it is commonly used with desktop PCs and users’ do not want to miss its comfort. Additionally, a mouse is very accurate and more precise than other pointing devices.

However, laptops typically integrate a pointing device which is usually a touchpad. As soon as a mouse is plugged into a laptop a two-handed environment is given out of the box. The touchpad can be used for a large variety of interaction styles to either support pointing tasks or to provide new interaction techniques. Scenarios are:

  • Two-handed navigation tasks (topic of my BSc thesis)
  • Pointing and positioning
  • Gestures in combination with a mouse
  • Shortcuts

My BSc thesis focused on navigation tasks for this configuration. More information can be found in [1].

[1] Dominik Bial, Florian Block and Hans Gellersen (University Duisburg-Essen, Germany & Lancaster University, UK): A Study of Two-Handed Scrolling and Selection on Standard Notebook Computer. In British HCI Group Annual Conference on People and Computers 2010, Dundee, Scotland, 2011